Sound Wave Project



For this project, we planned out, created, and presented a power point with the intentions of delivering and educating the room as in a very basic and simple method, essentially keeping in mindset that we are presenting to 5th graders.

Our plan came to fruition as we made a slide show on Google Slides about certain concepts such as frequency/hertz, the audible frequency spectrum, sound waves, and how they work. We were given the task to present the topics of hertz, bass, and sound waves from the board and all worked together to create a slide show that was uploaded to Slideshare.


  1. Began a plan on Friday with Rhys since Ian was at a Dead concert on which presentation method to go with. We planned out on paper of potential ways to deliver our information.
  2. Retrieved video clips of people screaming on Friday and Monday to utilize in our introduction. We used clips of people screaming to demonstrate the differences in sound waves to create an interesting hook.
  3. Started the actual Power Point on Monday with 100% attendance. (Rhys and Ian). We went through a general plan and built upon that. Group members weren’t really assigned to designated roles, we all just kind of did it.
  4. Presented mid-day Monday as the first group with everyone talking/presenting.

Sound Wave Definitions Evidence:

Screenshot (7)

Sounds Slide Show

What I Learned:

In this project I think the main takeaway from this was creating a simple yet effective power point based on what we learned. We utilized the light text on dark background, individual slides, less words, and just general efficiency in a Google slide. One issue we encountered was probably delivering the information and how effectively we were able to because of how little words are on each slide, that means we were going to spend more time in speaking and oration. But in the end, we pulled through and overcame this issue by obtaining knowledge on the topics we were presenting to the class. Also, when presenting in Slide Share, the first video wouldn’t open to Youtube. But this problem was easily resolved by opening the presentation in Google Drive.

This link has a lot of useful information and examples:

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